1. Install a contact sensor in the mailbox. When mail gets delivered, the AOL theme “you’ve got mail” plays throughout the home, the LEDs on the lighting turn red, and text messages are delivered to smart devices.

  2. Receive a text alert when a garage door is left open.

  3. Receive an automatic text alert for a problematic event, such as a pipe leak in the basement.

  4. Need to be reminded to take out the trash? Program a notification to appear on every touchscreen and mobile device at the same time once a week.

  5. Get a notification on your smart device when the oven has preheated.

  6. Instead of waiting up for teenagers to come home, automate your lights to turn on in your bedroom when they come through the front door. You can also set it up so that your phone notifies you when the door is locked again.

  7. Get a text message or push notification when the kids get home from school.

  8. Get notified when the liquor cabinet has been opened.

  9. Receive a notification when motion has been detected in a specific room (such as your home office or the wine cellar).

  10. Receive email or text notification reminders when it’s time to take medication.

  11. Reminder notifications for HVAC filter, Central Vacuum yearly filter, etc.

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