1. Stream music to every room in your home, with a dedicated keypad place in each room.

  2. Push all of your stored music throughout the home via distributed audio zones accessed through your smartphone, keypads, and touch screens.

  3. Tap a button on a keypad to activate a zone of music. If you tap the music, it can change the LED to an assigned color for each family member (with their favorite playlist/settings).

  4. Double-tap the volume button to turn off an audio zone.

  5. Music starts automatically in the bathroom when you turn on the shower lights.

  6. Install a touch screen behind a waterproof wall mount in your shower to control music streaming in the shower.

  7. Program your own “His and Her” audio settings. Time each to correspond with the time of day, designated keypad buttons, or audio zones.

  8. Use your grand piano as an audio source, which can be played through your entire home’s in-ceiling speakers.

  9. Link your piano with your Control4 system, and the music can be heard anywhere in the world where you have access to your home automation system.

  10. Create a “Music” scene, which sets the lights at 30% and volume at your preferred level – perfect for late-night focus while working on a project.

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