1. Automate your bedroom touch screen to see who’s at the door when the bell rings from your front door or gate intercom.

  2. When the doorbell is pressed, “Who can it be now” plays through speakers, the security camera rotates to the front door, the TV or movie is paused, and if it’s night time, the outside patio light turns on from 20% to 75%.

  3. Watching TV when someone rings the doorbell? Have an image from the surveillance camera appear on any TV that happens to be on, pausing the TV show or movie for 15 seconds.

  4. Built-in alerts which will notify you if the front door is left open for longer than five minutes or if the front gate is ajar for longer than ten.

  5. Access security video feed remotely from your smartphone, from anywhere in the world.

  6. Receive a text when your security cameras detect motion.

  7. Create a “Cat” scene, which will temporarily disarm your security system and trigger outdoor lights for the feline’s nighttime sojourns outside.

  8. Program the lights (including in the master shower) to flash three times when an exterior door opens.

  9. If there’s a security breach, program every light in the house to illuminate to 100%. Simultaneously, the front door automatically locks, the motorized shades open, and every TV displays views from all surveillance cameras. 

  10. Program strategically placed surveillance cameras to stream security video to select TVs and touch screens when instructed to do so.

  11. “Mockupancy” scenes – lighting that is automated to make the house appear occupied when you’re away on a trip.

  12. Are you away, but want to give a guest access to your home? Create temporary access codes for your guests, which they can punch into your home’s smart locks, notifying you of their arrival.

  13. Create personalized entry codes for individual family members.

  14. Set a timer that closes the garage door automatically if it is left open for longer than 10 minutes. A motion sensor can be used to keep the door open when you’re working in the garage.

  15. Driveway motion sensor – when motion is sensed, cameras go to home position and start recording, outside lights ramp up, and text message alerts are sent to smart devices.

  16. Forget to lock your doors? – Program the doors to auto-lock three minutes after the garage door closes when you leave for work. 

  17. When the back door to the garage opens, turn on the inside garage lights if natural lighting is below 50%. 

  18. When the garage door is closed, and the motion sensor to the garage zone doesn’t detect motion, dim lights to zero over 10 seconds, and lock the back door.

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