Our Process

We pride ourselves in the highest quality, fully bespoke builds.

See how we make all of our bespoke projects, below...

1. The Idea

It all starts with your idea, your vision and your requirements...

From the smallest of jobs to full home or commercial interior design solutions, we are here to help.


So if you have an idea in mind and want to know what's involved in the process of developing your beautiful interior, keep on reading. 

2. Measuring & Quotes

We offer a fully bespoke service meaning our first stage is to measure your desired room in order to maximise the space you have.

Once we know the dimensions of the room we can draw up a quote for you.

3. CAD/CAM Design

With the dimensions we can now begin to design your beautiful dream project.

Using CAD Design we can show you exactly what it is we are making and give photo realistic images before we begin the build.

This allows us to show you exactly what your project will look like so any alterations can be made to suit your preferences.

4. CNC Cutting

Our CNC Router allows us to programme the machine from CAM software to cut the MFC material with a perfect finish. 

5. MFC Edge Banding

The perfect edge is vital for the perfect finish. Our edge bander works to provide exactly that onto our MFC sides. 

So whatever the scale of job, you can ensure that we will deliver the perfect finish on your project. 

6. Hand Construction

Once all parts of your bespoke build have been shaped and crafted, they will then be assembled by hand by our team in house, for quality control. 

7. Fitted in YOUR home

Finally, your bespoke build will be brought to your home, and expertly assembled in your house, providing you with your dream interior.

Contact us today to begin the process of your bespoke build

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